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Companies and organisations in their quest to collaborate and break barriers that arise due to location in many countries, have growing needs of audio-visual communications and interactions. These interactions generate innovation and commitment and promote greater productivity.

Liranz Limited sources a wide range products and solutions that deliver video collaboration experiences that bring users closer together and that drive meaningful conversation for geographically dispersed teams.

Video & AV Brands We Represent

Video Conferencing Solutions

Adopting video conferencing into your every day running of your business opens the doors for you to not only do business on a national scale but also an international scale while increasing your productivity, saving time as well as travel and accommodation costs.

Audio Visual Solutions

Liranz’s audio visual solutions offer businesses large and small the tools to communicate ideas and collaborate on projects in real-time from any location. From mobile workforces to university lecture theatres and small office meeting rooms, the technology that we distribute is here to provide professional results for a wide range of communication needs.

Room Booking Technology

Liranz’s room booking technology simplifies the process of searching, selecting and securing meeting rooms. Searches can be by room type, capacity and layout and since results show live availability only, double bookings are eliminated.

Room Utilization Technology & Data

Do you know what rooms are most often used in your workplace? Knowing this, and similar space utilization tracking information, can give you insight as a facility manager into habits that are shaping your workplace, and even pinpoint data on where people gather.

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Avaya Telephony Systems
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