Secure Cloud Services & Support with  Liranz



We are certified re-sellers of some of the leading cloud solutions providers to bring our clients the very latest in Cloud Computing technology.

We help companies improve access, save money, and increase security with the help of carefully selected cloud services for backup, email, documents, calendars, contacts, and websites.



  • Backup & Disaster Recover
  • Access Data Anywhere
  • Cloud Server Consultation

  • Unified Communications
  • Email Services Setup & Migration
  • Email Retention, Archiving & Ownership

Why Partner with Liranz  for Cloud Services?

It is always our goal to provide a range of high quality services to help companies maximize time, resources and performance. From Backup & Disaster Recover technology,  Data management, Cloud Server Consultation, Unified Communications, Email Services Setup and Migration, Email Retention, Archiving & Ownership.

Our team of certified engineers provide exceptional technology solutions and expertise.


When we needed to harmonize our data, Liranz came on board to install a server and linked every staff to it. What is unique about them is they even handled other IT issues that were not part of the agreement just to ensure our satisfaction. If I Have to contract an IT company again, it will be Liranz Ltd. Because they demonstrated professionalism that is hard to find in Ghana.Jerome Agbesi

For more information about Cloud Services or our ncloud, please call  Tel. +233 302819375, +233 242236128