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Liranz Limited Cloud services bouquet is has strategically tailored to transform your business applications, business processes and your business technologies. We guide you as you migrate into public, private or hybrid cloud environments using our intelligent and analytical Technologies.

We ensure a holistic approach with regards to your applications, data and infrastructure on the Cloud. Our Cloud migration process ensures optimize a mix of on-premise/ public/ private/hybrid clouds suitable to your needs and budget. We allocate very Competent Personnel whiles choosing the best strategy for any Project.

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01.Cloud Strategy

Migrating IT operations to the cloud cannot be taken Lightly or with Kids Gloves. A not well thought out or mapped Cloud strategy is a recipe for disaster.

We help organizations develop a comprehensive and well thought out cloud strategy that not only guides them through the migration process, but also provides a roadmap for future decisions.

Before Having a firm cloud strategy in place makes it easier for companies to prepare a business continuity plan consistently and efficiently.

02.Cloud Migration

Instead of Spending more time managing Infrastructure your Team can focus on more productive areas whiles your cloud services provider handles the Tedious task of infrastructure management.
Your Team will focus on productive areas such as implementing new measures to integrate systems and enhance productivity.
Your IT Budget will be freed from the costly burden of purchasing, maintaining, and upgrading expensive servers, companies can invest in a range of other areas to promote innovation and growth.

03.Cloud Management

Your decision to move to the cloud does not warrant a total complete transition; This decision must be managed and monitored over time for reliability and stability. Depending upon the organization’s needs, your transition can be a systematic and a continuous one. Some departments might lead the journey whiles some sensitive and key departments might lag whiles protecting sensitive information related to data like payroll or internal email “in-house.”

Even in the event of a full shift to the cloud, a good cloud migration strategy should be managed and monitored.