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Data Center Solutions

Data Center Co-Location Consulting

When it comes to solidifying your IT infrastructure, the importance of finding the right data center space to house your company’s important information can’t be understated. Fortunately, Shamrock can help.

We’ve been recognized as an industry leader in data center sourcing and procurement on a global scale. We represent every major data center operator both domestically and globally, so no matter the size, scope or area of your needs, we’ve got you covered.

Plus, with data center, private and hybrid cloud experts already in-house, we’re uniquely positioned to service your every colocation need in one place.

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Storage & Back Up Services

As an ever-evolving and all-encompassing term, data storage refers to the various components, tools, technology, hardware, software and executable processes, and implementation of resources for storage within datacentres and enterprise infrastructures.

Advances in big data, business intelligence and development, and IT operations (DevOps) have changed data storage architecture, which is now built into all-flash arrays inside of datacentres which, in some cases, can operate on a VM or container level, rather than on a LUN or volume level.

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Data Center Engineering Services

We are fully capable of your data center design and renovation services. We begin with a full assessment of your enterprise, developing clear documentation of requirements and devising plans for consolidation, migration, automation and management. Liranz Limited combines customer-focused strategy with a rapid deployment services orientation, integrating industry-specific governance, risk and compliance considerations.

From to-be strategy and planning, to enterprise architecture and IT assessments, to modelling and simulation, our systems engineers will evaluate the unique strengths, weaknesses and potential of your organization.

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Cloud Migration Services

The promise of the cloud is overshadowed by the complexity of change and the uncertainty of impact on your mission. What, When, why should we migrate our Data into the Cloud?  And a very important Question; How do we maintain business continuity and security?

Liranz Limited cloud solutions don’t have be a compromise. Our mission-proven cloud migration strategy and practice helps customers unlock the benefits of cloud computing without the risk to mission.

Through our various years of IT revolution, we have helped several customers leverage technology to improve business outcomes. Our enterprise approach helps move your applications, data, and infrastructure to the cloud to produce an IT enterprise tailor-fit your needs.


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