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Entreprise Connectivity Services

Local Area Network Consulting

Business productivity relies on efficient communications systems for networks, telephony and ICT systems. We are a multi-disciplined architects and engineers of infrastructure solutions, providing a comprehensive range of structured cabling, Voice, CCTV, AV and technical installation services.

We are available to install additional network outlets, telephone services moved, or are looking to flood wire a new premise – we can help.

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Internet Connectivity

Internet for your business needs and growth can be delivered through the following channels; Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Cable Modem, Fiber, Wireless, Satellite, and Broadband over Powerlines (BPL). How do you know which internet channel is best fit for your company? Are you Internet package designed for business and not something meant for a residential connection? Have you done the market research to find out if what you’re signed up for is a good deal?
Liranz Limited Internet Consulting Services can accurately assess the Internet needs of your business by taking inventory of the online tools you use, along with the Internet-enabled solutions your company will want to add within the next five years. We recommend and facilitate a high-speed connection that will fit your needs perfectly.

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Private WANS (MPLS AND VPLS) Consulting

Liranz Limited can design wide area networks for any size, any budget, anywhere. Choosing between an Internet-based or private telecommunications network solution for your voice, video and data traffic can be complex, but if you need security and advanced service management features, then an MPLS/IP VPN is the better choice.

Enterprise-wide connectivity is critical to ensure your employees, customers, and suppliers can communicate effectively. Liranz Limited designs VPLS networks that allow users in multiple locations to communicate and collaborate over a fully meshed, private, secure layer 2 networks.

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Software Defined Network Services

As World Class SD WAN consultants, we have partnerships every all leading SD WAN provider in the industry, Liranz Limited is committed to helping you make well-informed procurement decisions at the guaranteed best price.

We’ve led WAN RFP, audit, design and procurement processes for some of the largest enterprise SD WAN deployments to date, and we offer a free consultation to identify the best solution for your needs and budget.

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