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IT Consulting & Projects Overview

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A complete range of IT Consultancy Services delivered on time and to budget by our expert team

Liranz IT Consulting services are perfect for businesses looking for project based planning and implementation.
We are an IT support company; however, we add value to your business by providing consulting services to identify how our clients can intelligently leverage Information Technology and other financial work tools to minimize cost and effectively meet business goals, thus increasing the company’s bottom line.

Network & Server Solutions

Depending on the server needs of your business,we replace or upgrade your current server to get the most out of the available server technologies today. Not only do we upgrade, Our specialist engineers will advise on different types of servers to optimize expenses and provide all required resources for your network operation. Our engineers will configure your entire network so it runs smoothly and securely:

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Data center

You need a data center that is agile for changing needs and unexpected opportunities.

We meet existing and future demands, virtualize and optimize servers, and transform storage capabilities.

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Infrastructure Solutions

At Liranz Limited, we believe that any IT infrastructure or System is at their most effective when all of the elements work perfectly with each other.

With the ever-increasing choice of components and devices, and the cross-over in the function that they fulfill, effective system design has become just as much an art as it is a science. And keeping track of new developments is a full time role in its own right

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Branch Office Set Up

Prepare in advance and hire a professional to handle the important relocation tasks.

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Voice Solutions

We provide the best access to top high speed VOIP services via our network of trusted phone service providers in the industry, making it possible to help you establish a fully integrated and highly effective communications solutions system for your company.

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Microsoft Solutions

You need technology consulting and services that address the entire Microsoft solution life cycle.
We are a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner who delivers solutions that increase your competitive edge, amplify business effectiveness, scale IT as needs evolve and deliver tangible business results.

IT Security Solutions

Threats are growing more hostile. Budgets are tight. Skills are at a premium. And business imperatives like mobility, social media, web applications and big data can pose risks as well as inefficiencies if they’re not properly managed.
Liranz can help you solve these challenges and close that gap – through integrated technologies, unparalleled threat intelligence, and highly flexible managed services designed to meet the unique demands of your business.

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As Virtualized server workloads continue to redefine typical data center operations, enterprises need a more modern approach to infrastructure management.

Liranz offers server virtualization solutions that align IT infrastructure with your virtualization stack, resulting in more efficient provisioning, fewer silos between line of business units and IT, and the ability to easily scale as you grow.

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Staff Augmentation

We’ll work with you to define your vision and plan how to get you there. We’ll deliver the technological solutions you need to compete and grow. We’ll stay with you through the entire journey, ensuring you don’t get stuck along the way. Together we’ll build a lasting legacy of improvement and performance.

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