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We provide End-to-End                                                Managed IT Services

We provide IT Managed Services in Ghana for systems up to Directorship level. This unique package is unmatched for price and service level. Our team includes a complete outsourced IT department of fully accredited IT professionals.

Our team will closely work with your internal IT Manager or Senior Management Team to complement their skill set and ensure the development of an on-going technology strategy for your business. 

Our approach to Managed Services reflects our recognition that no two businesses have the same IT requirements, and no two businesses adopt identical approaches to how to service their IT needs.For this reason, we provide a wide-ranging portfolio of core services, and will be happy to tailor a Managed Services contract around these.

This means that you can use outsourcing precisely where it best adds value, allocating specific services for us to manage while retaining others in-house. We will manage all aspects of your IT requirements including:


Liranz IT Managed Services partnership offers you:

Future-proof solutions

Things change fast in IT, but we’re leaders in our field. We pride ourselves on being at the cutting-edge of business information technology. We’ll ensure your business is two steps ahead when it comes to the latest updates, advances and innovations, and all within a long-term IT plan


A genuine customer-first service.

You can call on Liranz anytime, anywhere. We will monitor your system and support your business around the clock. Our customer first approach means you experience prompt, organised, efficient service all bundled up with a can-do attitude. With Liranz, you work with people who want to help and are prepared to go the extra mile. 


Rapid resolution and problem solving

Our technical problem solving and proactive IT support means you get rapid-fire responses to high-priority issues. Nothing falls through the cracks. You’ll see tickets resolved quickly and issues reduce as they’re handled by experienced staff. 


A strategy based on your needs

We ask the right questions about your business and objectives, then customise solutions for you. We’ll work together to create a vision and strategic plan for your IT investment, so that IT becomes an integral support for your business growth and productivity. 


A partnership

We’re not just a provider, we partner with your business and want to know where you’re heading. We know we’re doing our job if your business has IT covered and is also meeting its bigger picture goals. 


The highest standard of security.

We’ll set you up with a current, secure IT system as a priority. Your businesses data, productivity and overall security will be in safe hands, minimizing business risks and alleviating stress. 


Exceptional operations

We’ll meet with you quarterly to discuss new technology, systems, budgets, issues, key business decisions and upcoming projects. This way, there are no surprises and any new needs are easily met. This makes for really smooth operations day to-day. You’ll wonder how you ever did without it. 


Exceptional operations

We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we form with our CEO customers. We’ll give you expert counsel and guidance whenever you need, because you’re the boss. There’s no issue we can’t tackle and nothing we can’t take the time to explain. 


A seamless transition.

We make sure the transition from your current provider to Liranz is seamless – that’s our job. We’ve done it many times before, so let us take care of things and guide you through the process. 


Confidence and peace of mind

With experts taking care of IT, suddenly the security concerns, issues and worries about the future are all taken care of. With Liranz managing things, you’ll enjoy absolute confidence and peace of mind. 


Help-Desk Support

Our dedicated, in-house network operations and support team provides around-the-clock support. 


No matter what day of the week, we are here to help.


IT Consulting

From network configuration to virtualization and security, Liranz provides highly specialized local engineers.


We’re your trusted solution provider to resolve and remediate your IT problems.

Monitoring, Alerting, & Reporting 

We monitor the technology on your network and provide custom reports. We ensure your environment runs smoothly all year long. 



Network Security

We provide enterprise-level backup and data protection to guarantee IT security.

Your data is too valuable to go unprotected.


Proactive Support

With our advanced monitoring and management software, we ensure your network and systems are constantly being checked. 

We want to prevent the problem before it happens with Managed IT Support.


Backup & Disaster Recovery

We understand the importance of your data and therefore offer frequent and consistent backups to protect your business.


In case of a disaster, we implement a recovery plan to safeguard your infrastructure.

Staff Augmentation

We supply a team with a variety of skills to carryout specified roles without having to hire a full-time employee.

We support your IT initiates and offer a flexible option that allows you to achieve more while reducing costs.


Why choose Liranz as your Managed IT Services Provider?