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Providing End-to-End IT Management


We understand how important management and support of technology is to every business, we provide the most flexible solution to IT outsourcing for all levels of business in Ghana.

Our Outsourcing program will fit your needs and budget in and still provide the proactive monitoring to 24×7 technical support regardless.  Work with us  to eliminate all distractions and attain a superior level of service through outsourcing IT functions.


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Discover Why Companies
Outsource IT

A complete IT support is an essential element for your success and that is a believe we hold dear.

We provide a unique approach to IT outsourcing by promoting consistency and high quality management across hardware and software assets, backed by a unparalleled investment in product and service enhancements.


Why partner with Liranz for IT Outsourcing?

Trust us to provide the best remote and proactive support capabilities to rapidly resolve any hindrance in your IT operations.

With a team of highly skilled personnel knowledgeable, friendly you are assured of the best service with regard to IT Support and Outsourcing. From the desktop to the data center, we are invested in managing every aspect of your IT environment.

Our Managed IT Service Program

Our dedicated, in-house network operations and support team provides around-the-clock business IT insurance. We monitor the technology on your network, from desktops and servers to tablets and smartphones, we ensure that your IT environment continues to run smoothly during weekdays, weekends and even on holidays.

Our fixed fee pricing model allows you to reduce hidden IT costs, while also giving you access to our certified team of engineers and consultants – all for less than the cost of an internal IT team. Fixed fee, monthly pricing is based on the devices and users that are covered under your custom support plan.

Life is easier with a single point of contact for all your IT needs. From desktops, servers and switches, to your phone system and wireless devices, we can handle it all. Whether outsourcing your entire network or key IT functions, we are here to handle the heavy lifting so that you can focus on what you do best- making your business a success.

When your IT infrastructure is down and all remote repair attempts are not working, we dispatch a certified and highly skilled Senior Engineer to your site, to get your business up and running efficiently.

Email is the lifeblood of business communications, and keeping it secure, compliant and highly available is a challenge. With our advanced email protection services, you can achieve comprehensive message security without any complexity. Our cloud-based email protection services allow your business to protect email at a low cost, with no additional hardware, no backups to run, and no maintenance to perform. Plus, it’s simple to connect and easy on your business!
Proactive Systems Monitoring
Workstation & Server Patching
Hosted & Managed Antivirus
Backup Monitoring & Maintenance
Committed Response Times & SLA

With our advanced monitoring and system management software, we ensure your network and systems are constantly being checked for errors, latency and potential threats. At CPI, we are committed to worrying about your network, so that you don’t have to.

Keeping your systems up-to-date with the latest patches is a critical function that we deliver as your outsourced IT provider, but patch management involves more than simply installing updates. With new vulnerabilities being discovered often, we ensure timely patching of workstations and servers within your IT environment so that security holes remain closed and your business is functioning as it should – without any downtime.

Spam, malicious email and virus attacks are becoming more sophisticated. Your corporate email is a gateway that can allow sensitive information to be destroyed or lost. Your email can also allow for attacks that can hurt your network performance and employee productivity. We help stop email-borne threats, protect sensitive data and ensure that critical emails are delivered.

To avoid business disruptions, we provide enterprise-level backup, disaster recovery and data protection. Because servers are crucial to your organization’s everyday operations, we provide the services to recover your IT environment at anytime and from any disaster.

As part of our Manage Service Program, we adhere to strict service level agreements (SLA) to ensure that your IT issues are resolved accordingly. From severe, critical issues to moderate performance impact and scheduled tasks, our service level agreements are defined by priority levels, response time and multiple forms of contact so that you get the level of service that you require.

Why choose Liranz as your IT Outsourcing Provider?