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Providing End-to-End IT Management throughout Ghana

We understand how important management and support of technology is to every business, we provide the most flexible solution to IT outsourcing for all levels of business in Ghana. Our Outsourcing program will fit your needs and budget in and still provide the proactive monitoring to 24×7 technical support regardless.  Work with us  to eliminate all distractions and attain a superior level of service through outsourcing IT functions.

Our Services
Our IT Outsourcing Service Program
Single Point of Contact

Life is easier with a single point of contact for all your IT needs

24/7 Technical Support

Our support team provides around-the-clock business IT insurance

Backup Monitoring & Maintenance

We provide enterprise-level backup, disaster recovery and data protection.

Proactive Systems Monitoring

We ensure your network and systems are constantly being checked for errors, latency and potential threats.

Email Protection and Security

You can achieve comprehensive message security without any complexity.

Fixed Fee Pricing

Our fixed fee pricing model allows you to reduce hidden IT costs.

Committed Response Time

From severe, critical issues to moderate performance impact and scheduled

Workstation & Server Patching

Keeping your systems up-to-date with the latest patches.

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Discover Why Companies Outsource IT
With a team of highly skilled personnel knowledgeable, friendly you are assured of the best service with regard to IT Support and Outsourcing.
Discover Why Companies Outsource IT

A complete IT support is an essential element for your success and that is a believe we hold dear.

We provide a unique approach to IT outsourcing by promoting consistency and high quality management across hardware and software assets, backed by a unparalleled investment in product and service enhancements.

Why partner with Liranz for IT Outsourcing?

Trust us to provide the best remote and proactive support capabilities to rapidly resolve any hindrance in your IT operations.

With a team of highly skilled personnel knowledgeable, friendly you are assured of the best service with regard to IT Support and Outsourcing. From the desktop to the data center, we are invested in managing every aspect of your IT environment.