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Liranz Project management ensures that your IT projects are completed on time, on budget, and to the required standard of quality. Because projects can come in all shapes and sizes, our approach gives a pragmatic framework that can be applied consistently. Our expertise will keep your project moving towards delivery while keeping you well informed and keeping your business goals at the centre of the work.

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Our Project Management process:

We want to make sure that we align our work with your overall business goals, as well as the short-term outcomes you want to achieve. This work will show how the expected benefits can be delivered, and also define the project scope, quality criteria and risks.


The main focus of project planning is to identify timescales, milestones and deliverables. This way we can determine when major decisions need to be made. This helps us plan the best way to apply the available resources and to keep the project on track.


We will track the progress of the project throughout. Our project managers will use the milestones we planned earlier to assess and monitor the project.


The decision-making process drives project control. We will set out a formal basis for delegating authority and making decisions, which will enable the project managers to work effectively.


Project closure will be a formal process involving acceptance of the project by key stakeholders.


When we have completed the project, we will review the planned benefits to make sure we have delivered them according to the business plan.

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