Liranz CEO hosted Dr Anwar of Oxford University

Mr. Nicholas Bortey, The CEO of Liranz Limited hosted Dr. Mohammad Amir Anwar, a researcher at University of Oxford at the Liranz office at Spintex on Thursday 18th May 2017.

Mr. Bortey was to assist with research into IT and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) space in Ghana.

The main objective was to understand what the impact of Outsourcing work and online micro-work was on the development potential of Ghanaian firms and workers.

The conversation also touched on outsourcing and other low income digital work (or IT sector work) and whether they are offering Ghanaian firms a chance to upgrade to higher value chain positions. On this, Mr Bortey gave some of the reasons why IT outsource is helping companies. He gave some of the reasons as follows: companies are able to focus on their core line of business while their technology is been managed by another company; It’s financially flexible and reduces operational cost in that, when companies outsource, cost associated with hiring an employee; management oversight; training; health insurance; employment taxes; retirement plans etc are eliminated.


He also added that outsourcing Information Technology dramatically reduces companies’ risk of implementing a wrong and costly decision as well as helps companies benefit from a collective experience of a team of IT professionals instead of just the knowledge of one person.

He also spelled out some barriers that prevent Ghanaian firms from outsourcing their IT. One of which had to do with developing protocols and procedures that will help business heads who are relatively new to the benefits of outsourcing, better appreciate and accept its services.

He said, in managing a company’s Information Technology in Ghana, the way to go is outsource and companies are gradually embracing this truth and some have taken the lead to outsource their IT departments.

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