Liranz Limited’s COVID-19 response.

COVID-19 pandemic is affecting businesses and lives across the world. We at Liranz Limited want to say our hearts are with all affected countries and victims especially those that are our partners. We support all the global efforts being put in place to ensure we come out of this global health pandemic.

Our Office

First, we want to recognize that so far Ghana has had 7 confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of 18/03/2020 according to the Ministry of Health, and we have put in place all necessary health and safety measures to ensure that all our staff is safe from COVID-19.

As of today, our office is fully operational with all our staff ready to offer you support throughout this period. All our staff who work with our partner companies are also fully operational supporting all our partner companies to ensure that service is not largely impacted by the spread of COVID-19.

To our partners

Amid the global spread of COVID-19, our hearts are with all our partners especially those whose business operations have been directly impacted by the spread of the virus.

To be able to better support all our partner companies, we ask that any changes in operations as a measure to help stop the spread of the virus be communicated to Liranz Limited as soon as possible so we can adequately plan on how to support such initiatives and still offer you our expert service.

Because you depend on us for your business operations, we want to be involved in your plans on how you work during this period. However, we are readily available to offer our service to your business in any way that allows you to be productive during this period.

Forging Ahead

We will not downplay the challenges of this moment and the impact it is having on lives and businesses across the globe. The Liranz family salute all our brave first responders, doctors, nurses, laboratory experts, public health experts and all health workers globally who have been working tirelessly to help the world come out of this period. It is not known when this pandemic will end and give the world a sigh of relief but we can only be hopeful knowing that we are all working on gaining our world back. Let us all in our little way support the good work being done by playing our part by observing simple rules of personal hygiene and social distancing as we look forward to a sign of relief from COVID-19.

We at Liranz believe that together we can gain our world back, let us rise to this challenge and win.

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