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Network & Server Solutions

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Network & Server Solutions

Depending on the server needs of your business,we replace or upgrade your current server to get the most out of the available server technologies today. Not only do we upgrade, Our specialist engineers will advise on different types of servers to optimize expenses and provide all required resources for your network operation. Our engineers will configure your entire network so it runs smoothly and securely:

Our Services
Network & Server Solutions:
Switching Solutions

We provide our clients with switching solutions that deliver highly secure, reliable, and transparent solutions for networks of all sizes.


Get the best virtualization for your data center storage and management with a non-disruptive, scalable, and secure agile data infrastructure.

Email Servers

Manage mails, folders, sieve filters, vacation directly with high performance mail server technology specifically built to provide a fast and secure email transfer, processing, and delivery.

Exchange Server

We provide a rich set technologies ,features, and services that will ensure a smooth operation of messaging services.

Routing Solutions

Liranz Limited provides comprehensive, scalable, and secure routing solutions designed to meet the needs of both enterprises and service providers.

Application Server

Liranz provides application server services which enable your business to quickly create and deliver cloud-native applications with application programming interfaces (APIs).

Active Directory Setup

Use Active Directory to manage resources and application-specific data that make up your organization’s network.

File and backup servers

We will replicate your systems, storage and the installed software onto an on-premises appliance and into one of our cloud data centers.

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With a team of highly skilled personnel knowledgeable, friendly you are assured of the best service with regard to IT Support and Outsourcing.
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We partner with the most reliable and powerful hardware manufacturers and server providers, offering guarantees of high-quality server and network services to our clients. Such serious approach brings us confidence in the quality of end result.