At every stage in the life cycle of a business, an office space is required. A start-up needs an office space; it opens new branches or moves to bigger environments as the company grows and also makes some adjustments here and there to its office space when it is declining and needs a rebirth.

A major part of the relocation process is the IT aspect and Liranz has got you covered. We begin the office relocation with you and end with you!


How we help you

Discuss business goals, vision, and direction

We always make it a point to work closely with our customers. We align technology with business strategy, enabling change, growth and innovation. We seek to provide them with professional services adaptable to their specific needs.

This is the main reason why before we take any step, we arrange a meeting with the client to know what they really want. We find out the direction they want to move as well as their long term goals. This is to ensure that the job to be done in the new office does not conflict with the company’s goals and thus the set-up will be beneficial to them now and into the near future.

After knowing their needs we also advise accordingly and begin survey. Knowing their needs help us put up a better plan for them.


Survey and planning

Depending on the move day, we schedule a visit to the prospective office location to find out the network cabling requirement, server room requirement, phone lines requirement, power outlets and any other item that will be needed.

An old office space may have all these existing and thus, the purpose of the survey will be to find out what items can be added and what can be taken out.

During the survey, we decide prime location(s) for printers, scanners and routers to help us with our infrastructural design, planning and confirm whether the minimum requirements for the server room will be met in the new location.


Assessment of equipment at current location

We will evaluate your network infrastructure to know if it is in good shape and going to be of help in your prospective workplace.

We take stock of your equipment to know whether it will meet your needs in the prospective location

We find out which equipment needs an upgrade or replacement and do so. This is a good time to make a replacement if any equipment is not good enough and wouldn’t be beneficial in the new place.

We dispose off old and broken equipment that are no longer in use so they don’t end up as garbage in your new location

If the assessment goes well, the network infrastructure will be set up (informal) before the move date arrives.


Your Telecommunication needs

We review current line capacity to determine whether you need to order new phone lines, set up call forwarding, if you want to change your phone number as you relocate, order the type of internet access required for the new location and lastly, consider the kind of phone system that is best for the new office (traditional PBX, VoIP or others).

The Actual Set-up

The Liranz Team with our experienced engineers begin the actual network infrastructure setup. We do all the network cabling, server room set-up, set-up phone lines and power outlets. The set-up can be done few days before the move or according to the client’s preference.


Your Data protection

Just think what would happen to your data if something went wrong during the move (like the moving truck is involved in an accident and your equipment is damaged).

Liranz helps you keep your data intact even if such eventualities occur. We make backup copies of all company data systems including firewalls, and servers and store copies where they will not be affected by the move. We also ensure full recovery is possible so that if something goes wrong, you’ll still be able to access all your company’s important data.

A company using Liranz cloud solution is covered. No need for additional backup work! We encourage you to patronize our cloud solutions.


The move Day

Transporting technology equipment requires special handling, expertise and transit protection and you have no need to worry because Liranz does that best. We do the following on the move day:

  • Transport copies of your data backup to the new location separate from the main system
  • Ensure all wiring and data cables are labelled correctly and to which piece of equipment it belongs.
  • Assist with the disconnection of equipment at the old office


Testing and feedback

We do the following checks after the move to ensure that everything is running as expected:

  • Verify all cabling, equipment, and phones are in the right place.
  • Check all individual telephone numbers and their locations.
  • Test to see whether the call forwarding from the old number is working and being forwarded to the correct phone.
  • Test all features of the phone system.
  • Start all servers and test network capability and data migration.
  • Check incoming and outgoing emails.
  • Check website, intranet, and extranet.
  • Test each network connection.

We also ask for feedback from the client soon after the move in order to know if they are satisfied with the service and everything meets their expectations.


Getting the IT aspect of your office move wrong can result in delays and downtime, which can have financial and economic consequences on your company. Let us take care of your office relocation. We know how to save you time & money.

We are the first choice for office relocation – find out how we save you money on your next office move.

Go with Liranz as you move!


We welcome you to your new office!!!






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