Why IT Security Is Essential For Your Business

IT security guarantees the availability, integrity and confidentiality of an organization’s data, information and IT services. IT Infrastructure security forms part of an organizational strategy to security management and planning that has a broader picture.

IT security has never been simple and attacks evolve every day, as attackers become more inventive as the day goes by. The multimillion question now is how do we safeguard our security in the Information Technology world?

At Liranz Limited, we have built strong partnerships with the world’s most respected Technological organization’s so we provide our clients with world class solutions with help from our competent team that manages your IT security needs.

We rolling out these four basic steps to safeguard your organizations IT security needs.

1.Designing security protocols: We design suitable organizational and technical measures to guarantee the availability, integrity and confidentiality of an organization’s data and Information security policy.

2.Security testing: To ensure that all security mechanisms are subjected to regular testing and timely security reports.

3.Managing security incidents: We identify and fight intrusions and attacks and also to minimize damages incurred due to security breaches and to give relevant report on the cause of the breach and how to put in preventive measures.

4.Security review: We review whether the safety measures and processes we roll out are in accordance with risk analysis from the client’s side, and also to validate whether these safety measures and processes are consistently managed and tested on time.

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