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Server Virtualization

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Virtualization Technology Solutions

Liranz offers server virtualization solutions that align IT infrastructure with your virtualization stack, resulting in more efficient provisioning, fewer silos between line of business units and IT, and the ability to easily scale as you grow.

As virtualized server workloads continue to redefine typical data center operations, enterprises need a more modern approach to infrastructure management.

Server virtualization is a revolutionary development that migrates all physical servers on to virtual machines allowing users to consolidate the number of physical servers they use. It comes with improved server positioning and deployment, and better disaster recovery solutions.

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Server Virtualization

The computing power of servers has reached epic levels and it is estimated that up to 95% of server computing power is not utilized.

By creating virtual servers from a single machine, resources are shared, expenses reduced, and IT users’ needs are met more efficiently.

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Desktop Virtualization

With a virtualized desktop environment, maintenance and upgrade cycles are greatly simplified and users can access their desktop from anywhere in the world.

Platform independence can finally be achieved while reducing the costs of shipping expensive hardware to remote users.

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Storage Virtualization

Optimize use of disk space as the volume of your data increases with a virtualized storage solution.

Our team of experienced virtualization consultants and engineers will design a storage virtualization solution that simplifies management and administration of the storage environment.

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Network Virtualization

With a virtualized network, you can ensure that available resources are being utilized as efficiently as possible while leveraging the right technology for peak performance.

Our technician team will improve overall performance of the network and reduce network management costs by consolidating multiple physical networks into one, virtual network.

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