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Today, companies (small and large) rely on technology more and more. Companies are also much more distributed in nature, with multiple office locations throughout the country or the world. Staffing each of the office with the right IT professionals can be a challenge.

Liranz has a pool of IT technicians and engineers around the country that can help address your support challenges. Whether your HQ is on the East and you need occasional support on the West, or you are opening or closing office locations in the Mid-West, Liranz team is here to help.

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Benefits of Staffing with Us
Our support desk is staffed with a knowledgeable and friendly team of certified engineers that are committed to meeting the IT needs of your business.

Liranz engineers quickly integrate themselves with your team’s processes and report to your team’s management and participate actively in daily meetings and progress reports.

We rigorously test for logical reasoning skills, technical ability and soft skills in our interview process. Only those engineers who poses soft skills and technical ability are presented to our clients.

Our team possesses decades of experience in the IT field, recruiting and managing technology professionals.


IT is our only business. From staffing and help desk support to network and systems integration we can quickly provide the resources you need.

Reduce overhead and the cost of benefits and administrative expenses. When Liranz recruits your IT staff, we manage his or her employer obligations to the staff in terms of SSNIT contributions, tax returns etc.

Liranz engineers are usually assigned to a specific client depending on the quantum of the task. Engineers are not assigned to other projects or accounts. Your team’s know-how will remain intact over the life-cycle of Liranz.