We run a complete and thorough assessment already existing IT Systems..


All your staff, IT Policies, and procedures will be evaluated to identify the organizational and IT System needs. We assist your organization with their IT Development strategy and implementation as well as planning for IT programs. We also perform a gap analysis to fully determine the current state of your organization’s IT Architecture and framework, including application, data, and infrastructure needs, then propose the ideal state that would remedy the gaps and allow your organization to achieve its business goals.

This analysis is done in close collaboration with your management and technical team, to ensure that all areas are comprehensively accounted for and considered in the subsequent planning.

We offer IT Assessment and Requirements analysis, which serves as the criterion on which future IT Projects are planned. We achieve this by using a variety of information gathering methods like holding interviews and focus groups, online questionnaires, and surveys.

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Our IT Assessments services include the following modules:


  • Complete inventory of your organization's present IT components, software and hardware, and application and database resources.
  • Analysis of your technological deficits.
  • Analysis of the Organizational mandates that IT holds.
  • Outlined requirements necessary for IT management changes to improve current conditions.
  • Reevaluation of your organizational structure and policies pertaining to IT and IT Governance.


We also render Enterprise Architecture and System Design services by following a set of major guidelines, which include:


  • Our attention to your long-term business and strategic goals that span across our organization
  • Incorporating your It infrastructure and data into the design as a long-term cost-effective investment rather than a burden
  • The application of IT standards in our system architecture design and integration.




Components  of an enterprise architecture


  • The software collections and tools
  • Database framework
  • Network and Internet protocols
  • The computing hardware infrastructure
  • User Access and support
  • IT products and & enterprise applications development


All these components are tied together by our IT Standards.

The key deliverables under this service include
We perform an evaluation and redesign of your business process, existing systems and data resources
We research into, and develop IT standards, introduce best practices, and design and implement policies for your enterprise.
We design and develop IT governance structures and management for your enterprise.
We support your enterprise in the area of software requirements and specifications, procurement, through to the implementation.

We offer a wide array of IT Assessment & Planning Services, which include

IT operational reviews
Technical architecture reviews
Overall technology environment evaluations
IT departmental and organizational analyses
Technology staff skills assessments
Application and data management
General security and operating practices
Documentation and reporting
Change management procedures
Gap analysis and comparisons of needs to best practices
Staff capacity and capability assessments
Gap analysis and comparisons of needs to best practices
Internal controls reviews


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