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The business landscape today requires a high level of investment to stay afloat of the competition today.

To be a top performer in the business environment, you need to recognize the critical role of infrastructure in the your IT setup and make it a top priority to innovate on the fly.

Liranz limited partners with businesses to offer them IT outsourcing services to help them reduce costs and gain efficiency, flexibility, and scalability. We catalyze your growth and empower you to stay afloat in the competition.

For our clients, we provide tailored IT outsourcing solutions for their business model. We cover your technology tracks whiles you focus on your core business.


Nicholas Bortey

Chief Executive Officer

Lead Consultant –IT Outsourcing

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Message from our Chief Executive Officer

Our refined IT outsourcing model will help our SME clients to continue setting themselves apart from their competitors and focus on growing their businesses.
We have staff serving businesses from small to enterprise-level and these clients are located across the nation. Some serve clients on full-time basis whiles others serve on an hourly basis with the same quality of service structure. We’re on a journey to make Managed IT Services even better in Ghana.

Nicholas Bortey

Chief Executive Officer

Service Desk Outsourcing

Offering first-level support has been our mainstay over our several years of Practices. Our service desk outsourcing can be delivered onsite where we assist end-users with a physical presence on-site.

We also deliver remotely using remote support tools such as TeamViewer, Anydesk, and other remote support Tool the Client deems appropriate in his environment.

Our service desk outsourcing service has delivered value to companies with over 100,000 concurrent end-users and freed up critical IT Human resources for other critical IT tasks.

We provide highly skilled professionals to bolster capacity or provide specialized capabilities. This is a cost efficient method of engaging high demand technology resource on needs basis. With this services you have access to wide variety of technical skillset that will complement your in-house talent to deliver effective IT solutions to fuel your business operations.

We the skilled capacity in DATABASE, NETWORKING, SOFTWARE ARCHITECTS, DEVOP ENGINEERS among the likes .

Data Center Outsourcing

Using multiple suppliers/vendors can sometimes become so challenging and daunting. You may also choose an easier way out by recruiting in-house staff to manage your datacenter.

Owning a server room or data centre require specific skills and services especially during the design and construction stage where experience is key. We have the experienced and world class capacity design, install, integrate and support all manner of data centers at all locations.

Client who have outsourced their data center managemet to Liranz Limited have seen an increase in enterprise efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and compliance control.


CEO's Blog

The modern workplace is all about mobility; mobility is about supporting your people where they are whiles giving them the needed IT infrastructure to you do exactly the company requires from them.

With the advent of BYOD strategies, businesses are required secure their fleet of business devices at both the device and data level. We provide organizations with solutions to secure their applications, configuring, and enforcing passwords.

We work with our partners to monitor clients network connections and content in real-time, and identifies anomalies to ensure any malicious activity is proactively blocked. Combined, you get a holistic, multi-level security solution.

Network Services Outsourcing

Liranz Limited Network services outsourcing is a premium service that the consulting/purchase of ongoing network or telecom management services for organisation. We also maintain, enhance and supports customer premises equipment, core network infrastructure or enterprise telecommunications assets for clients as a service..

Our network outsourcing services ensures the necessary facilities and services are always available with a guaranteed uptime. Our service CHARGES ARE COST FRIENDLY, because you the cost of the resource with several other companies; this means costs stay shared and manageable and that, in the event you require more network capability, your provider not you is tasked with providing it. .

Workplace Outsourcing

Workplace outsourcing is a customised arrangement by which the clients select specific or adhoc IT tasks to be outsourced to the outsource provider. These services include securing computing environments, desktop engineering/management, application support, preventive maintenance for IT assets, periodic refresh projects, file and print deployment among the likes.

This is a cost efficient and econonimical outsourcing arrangements that puts the client in control and helps them deliver IT related projects in a timely fashion. Organisations with limited staff capacity for adhoc projects will always subscribe to this service for cost control and service optimisation. The staff retains the control of critical IT services that has a wide business impact whiles they outsource the adhoc and non-core IT services at a fee..




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Managed IT Services

MANAGED SERVICES takes a holistic approach to provide excellence in technology services. As a managed service provider we offer a comprehensive range of technology services within one or many technology domains.

IT Support

Our IT support service includes hardware and software installs, repairs, account management and warranty, remote, dispatch and field support. Our IT support includes troubleshooting and solving tier 1-3 issues for Laptop, mobile devices, computers, SaaS products and custom software.