Client Challenge


A need for higher standardization within the document management and enterprise content management solutions.

Proposed Solution

Implementation of a document management and enterprise content management solutions for data harmonization in addition to the development of an interactive dashboard for in their in-house data and sensitive company documents.

Key Benefits

  • Harmonized and complete control over enterprise content and data.
  • Automated information creation and sharing
  • Defined and documented document flow, authorization and approval process.
  • Greater flexibility and higher ability for users to collaborate and work together

As part of its ongoing digital transformation, the information sharing and reduced time in document approval process was identified as a key driver for improved productivity. With the client being an industry leader in tertiary education and internships globally. The high academic standards and expedite service delivery levels required very quick turn-around service delivery and decision making process. Quality assurance was also key to the operations of the organization across all sites in the world.

Achieving this kind of service delivery and decision making approach would necessarily require the optimization of the information/document generation/sharing and approval process. Previously this approach was inhomogeneous in quality and content at the time. The monthly preparation of consolidated reports required substantial manual effort from a variety of departments to create a clear picture of reports. In addition, necessary approvals required for service delivery processes was distributed across several departments, leading to redundancies.

Consolidation of Document Generation and approval process

Liranz analyzed the existing document creation and approval processes to identify relevant elements, enabling the definition and implementation of the organisation’s KPIs. Liranz based on the laser fiche platform then built an expedited document creation and approval framework to establish a fully automated document creation, approval and reporting platform.

Following the project, the business community and board members can now gain access to all quality-related data via an easy-to-use web application that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. As a result, fact-based decisions for changes in design and production can be met more easily and quickly

Speedy decision-making and Quick service delivery process

Information on the quality reporting is now truly available to the right people at the right time. The solution has ensured a quick turn-around decision making and approval process that is consistent with the current reporting landscape and allows the automatization of the approvals other than relying on emails and manually carrying documents to offices to get signatures appended manually.