The Client


The Client engaged with Liranz Limited for its IT outsourcing and technology consulting since 2017. The Client is a downstream petroleum service distributing and retailing company with diversified interest in management consulting, supermarket and groceries distribution and retail, research and social work.

With information as their most privileged asset, data security is a top priority for them. Their technology goals was to have their data secured, recoverable and always available to comply with financial services compliance regulations.

What they wanted to achieve: Security and reliability to protect client data

The Client wished to embark upon an IT improvement project in order to achieve the following:

  1. Reduce risk
  2. Improve data security to ensure company and client data would be secure and safe from attack, easily recoverable and always available
  3. Improve reliability of hardware hosting their data and other technology assets 

Liranz met with The Client to discuss requirements and provide technology recommendations that would help to achieve business goals.

Like many firms in the petroleum downstream sector, security is a top concern for the Client and they were keen to further improve their standing in this regard

The solution: Strategic technology recommendations

Liranz identified several areas where security and reliability could be improved, so that data would always be available and safe from cyber-attack.

A new virtualized server replaced the three existing in-house servers that were being used for email, file access and databases. This improved access for staff, helping increase their productivity when working remotely.

Email efficiency & security

Emails were migrated to our Cloud email servers. This ensured more resources were free on internal hardware, and took advantage of the platform’s highly secure and reliable platform.

Liranz’s email security platform was implemented, which would block any spam, viruses and volume based attacks before they reached Pacific Investments’ network.

As part of the email service subscription, staff will now always have access to the latest version of the service on up to 5 devices, as well as being able to access office files from any device with a web browser and their mobile devices.