LIRANZ Digitizes Fish Farming


The client is the pioneer in fresh water tilapia Production in Ghana. With initial operations in dug-out ponds which later moved to Lake Volta.  The Company has an accumulated valuable and in-depth biological knowledge of the Lake.

The client’s sustained approach to quality has resulted in their product being the most sought after tilapia in the market has a current estimate of 35% share of the local market.

The client intensively uses cloud services as an advantage over its competitors. With internet as the backbone of their cloud services; the client intensively required the presence of internet in the middle of the Volta Lake to power their farming operations. There has been increasing demand for the use of WiFi by staff, the growing use of online finance and ERP systems for stock and staff management

Integrated IT Solutions for the Client

At the commencement farming operations of the client, the expertise of Liranz Limited was required to provide a complete IT service spanning local area networking, WiFi access, WIDE AREA NETWORKING and INTERNET ACCESS. Considering the remote location of the farm site (In the middle of the Volta Lake), the task at hand, though impossible at first sight, the team of engineers and solutions architect dissected the project into very minute and discrete task.

With a combination of fibre and Radio designs, we successfully designed a WAN that interconnected their corporate head office in Accra, the production site in Anyaase and other various sales shop in Akosombo, Tema, Dzorwulu and Kumasi. This solutions the customer the highest possible levels of availability for the network and application services. This availability in turn freed up the time of the IT Team from day to day IT issues associated with internet outage.

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Client's Business Benefits

In addition to network availabitly, we designed customised solutions to maintain the highest levels of security for the network and associated data and include improvements which are relevant to a tightening framework for PCI compliance.

Due to this various IT interventions, the Client has grown and expanded its business operations over its few years of operations in terms geography of their operations and the scope of their work.