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Gone are the days of when training programmes for IT departmental staff was selected based on availability of the course or budget; today organizations want their IT staff to enroll for training programmes that drive maximum results for performance enhancement. Whether you’re looking for a course in database, networking, programming or customer service, you need a consultant to help you establish general strategy and adopt a powerful learning program

At Liranz Limited, we offer our clients a wide range of consulting services that help them better plan, implement, and measure their learning initiatives of their Teams. From formulating effective learning strategy to identifying best learning management system, we develop training approaches that provide you with strong foundation for learning road-maps, performance evaluation, skills selection, and job design.

Through our consulting services, we help you identify key learning challenges and best solutions to overcome them. Our team of experienced consultants enables you to track the effectiveness of your learning campaigns in real-time and thus improve overall business performance and ROI.


Nicholas Bortey

Chief Executive Officer
Lead Consultant – IT Managed Services

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Professional Courses & Certification

We have certified and professional trainers who are qualified in delivering various training modules various technologies like MICROSOFT, CISCO, PMP, ITIL, REDHAT LINUX, ORACLE, JAVA, etc. Our delivery modules include mock tests for your employees that will make them adept at cracking these certification courses with ease and have an excellent performance at their first time sitting.

Corporate IT Training

The very dynamic nature of the technology landscape has kept organizations especially CTos and CIOs on their toes to confront technology challenges whiles addressing the rising levels of customer demands. As an experienced and leading Technology industry player, we have various corporate training solutions to meet the skills gap of your Human resources and helping them stay afloat the stormy technology environment.

Irrespective of How skilled your staff maybe, they will always be the need for refresher training to keep them abreast with the latest and modern trends of their trade. Our Corporate IT training solutions include













Work Readiness/ Orientation Program

Tailoring a technical orientation program for fresh recruits especially into the technology department can be very daunting and extremely long. Our research has shown that it takes about six months to fully infuse a new recruit into the rubrics of an IT department's operations.
The time senior staff will have to take while training or technically orienting new recruits lowers your human resource ROI.

Our work readiness/orientation corporate training program is specifically designed to build a ready and aligned workforce from your fresh recruits who are ready to jump onto the fast-moving train. Our work readiness/orientation program include but not limited to;

1. Customer Service/Service Desk Skills
2. Beginner / Intermediate Office Suite skills
3. Basic Infrastructure troubleshooting skills
4. Basic Peridioc system Maintenance and servicing.

Insight: Corporate Learning Platform for UT Holdings Limited

UTHOLDINGS Ltd. required an eLearning services and LMS support to fulfill the training needs of over 2000 employees every year.

We delivered a web-based learning program and LMS solutions that enabled UTHOLDINGS to train their workforce in a virtual environment and save the huge cost on physical instructor-led trainings. Through our custom eLearning services, we facilitated UTHOLDINGS to expedite the whole training process.



Overview of finished research projects on our various Projects


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Transformation Solutions of all Types
Our teams have supported people transformation solutions for all these needs:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • New technology (such as Microsoft 365)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs)
  • Digital
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRMs)
  • Cultural transformation
  • Financial transformation
  • New strategic initiative launches
  • New go-to-market strategies


We have been delivering expert IT consulting services over the past years, this has enabled us to design an effective IT consulting approach that enables us to deliver the maximum value to our customers within the shortest time.

Managed IT Services

Our approach to Enterprise Architecture is less academic and easier to implement and operate but still gets the same results – aligned business and IT strategies.